fri - free writing program


fri [OPTION]... [FILE]


Fri is a curses based free writing program, meant for writing text without distractions. It is not a text editor, since it is not possible to edit the text except by using backspace.

Fri produces plain text output and performs automatic line breaking to 80 columns per line. The default file name is "out.txt". Fri shows only the last ten lines of text. Any line that disappears beyond the top of the screen is immediately appended to the file. Lines that no longer are on the screen can no longer be changed using backspace.

If opening an existing file, fri shows the last few lines of the file. These lines can not be modified, since fri only appends to the file. The existing lines are shown in a dim style if your terminal emulator supports it. Even if it does, dim text may not be distinguishable in all colour themes. E.g. custom themes in gnome-terminal may have this problem.

Fri can be exited by pressing ctrl-D, ctrl-C or Escape. All lines on the screen will be written to the file before exiting.

There is an optional timer feature that will display "Time is up" when the desired number of minutes have passed.



disable backspace ("Hemingway mode")


display help


show alarm after MINUTES minutes


display version


Fri currently only supports left-to-right text. Fri should respect your locale, but has only been tested with utf-8 and the latin alphabet.



Fredrik Arnerup <>